CCIE Wireless v3.1 Platinum Bundle

The Platinum Bundle for the CCIE wireless lab is our top level bundle and it includes our unique lab mentoring access in additional to all of our self-study products.  When you buy the platinum bundle, you buy our entire self-study program.  All of the products included are intended to work together as a system to fully prepare you for the CCIE wireless lab.

Workbook 1 and Lab Video Series 1 lay the foundation.  Workbooks 2-3 and Lab Video Series 2 build on top of that and teach you the middle/upper tier skills for lab success.  Throughout all of that, you’ll have  regular instructor mentoring available multiple times a week to help you along and answer any questions that you may have.  300 hours of rack rentals are included to give you all the time that you should need to build your hands-on skills without having to invest in an expensive home lab.  Quizzers and the lab management system will guide and assess your learning.  Plus you’ll have access to materials to prepare for the written exam.  A training package this complete  has never before been seen in the Cisco wireless world to our knowledge!

Who is the Platinum Bundle best suited to?

People looking for the most comprehensive training system available for the CCIE Wireless certification

People who are looking for extensive instructor support in their studies

People who don’t want to, or can’t, invest in a home lab

Products included in the platinum bundle

Lab Video Series 1

(Streaming, download)

Lab Video Series 2

(Streaming and download)

Written Video Series

(Streaming and download)

Workbook Volume 1
Workbook Volume 2
Workbook Volume 3
2400 Rack Rental tokens for 300 hours of study
Lab Mentoring Sessions
Learning Management System
Written Quizzers
Lab Delivery Interface

est. release 2019

Ryver Community Server Access

CCIE Wireless 3.1 Platinum Bundle: $3499

We are offering the Platinum Bundle at a special reduced price until v3.1 of the exam goes live on November 8, 2017 as a “thank you” to those people who choose to support us as we work on getting the v3.1 materials released.  This $500 savings also applies to any class bundles that include the Platinum Bundle.

See our Product Access and Upgrade Policy.

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Workbook Volume 1

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Written Exam Video Series

A video series focused exclusively on the written exam.

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