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Hands-on practice is one of the largest parts of preparing for the CCIE lab exam.  With our CCIE Wireless Rack Rentals, you will have access to a full suite of gear that will allow you to practice just about any technology or scenario that you could see in the lab.  Our racks aim to replicate the lab where it counts, while keeping your costs at a reasonable level.  All switches are 3650 IOS-XE switches.  We have a pair of 5508 WLCs, a 2504, and a vWLC in each rack.  We also have 1800 and 3700 series APs to practice anything Mobility Express and 802.11ac related.  All servers in the lab are also included in our racks.  Feel free to check out our rack topology as well as the hardware/software list.

Our CCIE Wireless Rack Rentals are meant to be flexible to fit your schedule.  Sessions can be scheduled on a 1-hour block basis.  We don’t force you into a large chunk of time.  This should allow you to more easily fit your study time into your schedule and lessen the number of potentially wasted hours.

Rack rental times are reserved through the use of rack tokens.  Each rack token is worth $1.  Our full wireless v3.1 racks will cost 8 tokens per hour.  These tokens are not specific to any type of rack.  So if we branch out into different technologies and racks in the future, the tokens will be able to be used on any Network Dojo racks.  Tokens can be purchased in increments of 25 or 100.  We don’t offer discounts for bulk purchases.  Rather we just give you our best price ($8/hour), even on smaller purchases.

Price: $25
for 25 tokens

Price: $100
for 100 tokens

Don’t see the “Add To Cart” buttons?  You need to login to this site in order to purchase rack rental tokens.  Site logins are granted by purchasing any other product on the site.

Rack tokens are also available in the following bundles:
Gold Lab Bundle $1999  (800 tokens)
Platinum Lab Bundle $3499  (2400 tokens)

CCIE Wireless Rack Topology

Our racks are here to support our self-study and classroom students.  We want to always ensure that they have reliable access to our racks when they need them.  So we have chosen to limit access to rack rentals to them alone to avoid excessive oversubscription.  Becoming a customer of Network Dojo through the purchase of any other product will unlock the ability to purchase rack tokens.

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