Network Dojo Products


The products that we create at Network Dojo are designed to work together as a complete system.

But we realize that not everyone will need every last product or potentially be able to afford all of them.  The bundles below have been assembled to meet specific goals at different price points to hopefully give everyone a good option for their budget and needs.


Silver Bundle - $999

The silver bundle was designed for those on a budget. The products included represent the foundational knowledge needed to tackle the CCIE lab. This bundle is intended for the budget conscious self-studier who has access to their own gear and who will be able to go the extra mile and learn some of the more advanced topics on their own.

Lab Series 1

You will have streaming access to the first lab videos series.  This video series will help you to learn all of the technologies covered in the CCIE Lab exam.

Workbook Volume 1

This workbook leads you through hands-on practice on each of the technologies covered in the CCIE lab exam.

Gold Bundle - $1999

The gold bundle was designed for self-studier looking for a more complete package. The products included cover all of the important skills and technologies needed to pass the lab. It also includes some rack rental tokens to get you through the higher-level workbooks that really should done on our racks.

Lab Series 2

The second lab series covers higher-level topics such as troubleshooting, handling the diagnostic section, and the skills needed to tackle the full 8 hour lab.

Workbook Volume 2

This workbook builds on the skills learned in the volume 1 workbook and includes labs to build your troubleshooting skills, which are critical in the lab.

Workbook Volume 3

The final workbook is the culmination of the previous workbooks and includes full scale mock labs to hone your test taking skills and helps you to determine if you are ready to tackle the real thing.

Rack Rental Tokens

Workbooks Vol 2-3 will essentially require access to our racks to complete.  So we are including 100 hours worth of rack rental tokens (an $800 value), which should be enough to go through both volume 2 and 3 workbooks with extra to spare.

Platinum Bundle – $3499

The platinum bundle was designed for those who want the complete training system provided by Network Dojo.  Our system is designed to lead you every step of the way to achieving your goal of being a CCIE.  And you won’t have to go it alone.  Included in the platinum bundle is the mentorship program which will give you regular live access to your instructor (Jeff Rensink) every week throughout the entire course of your CCIE journey.  It also includes all of the neat extras that will take your studies from good to great.

The platinum bundle includes all of the products in the silver and gold bundles in additional to the products listed below.

Instructor Mentorship

Multiple times per week, we will hold live group mentorship sessions where you can get your questions answered and we can talk through lab scenarios.

Written Video Series

This series helps to prepare you to take the written exam.  It includes the additional information beyond what’s included in the lab materials needed for each technology to confidently tackle the written exam.

More Rack Tokens

You will receive an additional 200 hours worth of rack rental tokens (300 hours total) to use during your studies.  This represents enough hours to cover the entire CCIE preparation process for most people.  No need to invest in an expensive home lab.


Quizzers will allow you to assess your knowledge of the technologies for the lab as well as to help prepare you to take the written exam.  All quizzers will be written by me and be guaranteed brain-dump free.

Downloadable Videos and Audio

Want to watch videos any time, anywhere, on any device?  Get access to download copies of each video series so that you can watch them however it works best for you.  You can also download audio versions of the videos as an added bonus.  You will still have streaming access if you prefer that as well.


The Learning Management System (LMS) will help to guide you through the process of preparing for the CCIE lab.  This helps to let you know how to use all of the materials together and how to study for the lab in an efficient way.  Lessons will be laid out in bite-sized chunks and it will lead you step by step through the process.

Lab Delivery Interface

The Lab Delivery Interface will attempt to replicate the look and functionality of the actual lab interface.  One of the struggles of the first-time test taker is the learning curve of navigating the lab interface.  By practicing on a replica ahead of time, your efficiency will increase and you will have more time to spend actually getting points.


While I expect the other product bundles to stay as is, I may add enhancements to the program into the Platinum Bundle in the future.  Any future additions to the Platinum Bundle not in this list will always be added into the accounts of existing Platinum Bundle owners free of charge.


You can save when you choose to purchase both of our classes together (Bootcamp and Mock Lab/Troubleshooting), as well as when you buy one or both classes in conjunction with our Platinum Bundle.

2-Class Bundle

Purchase 2 classes together for $4999 (save $1000).

Platinum Bundle + 1 Class

Purchase the Platinum Bundle in conjunction with any class for $5499 (save $1000).

Platinum Bundle + Both Classes

Purchase the Platinum Bundle in conjunction with both classes for $6499 (save $2000).