CCIE Wireless v3.1 Gold Bundle

The Gold Bundle for the CCIE wireless lab includes all of our lab workbooks and lab video series.  This bundle will probably appeal to cost-conscious customers who want a more robust set of materials than what was included in our silver bundle.  On top of the workbooks and videos, we also include 100 hours of rack rental tokens in order to be able to go through workbooks 2-3, which are best experienced on our racks.

People who solely use this bundle to study for the lab will need a do-it-yourself (DIY) spirit.  It doesn’t come with the live instructor mentoring sessions, the quizzers/assessments, or learning management system included in the platinum bundle that help to guide you along your study path and keep you moving forward.  It also assumes you will either have a modest home lab or will be investing in additional rack time as the included 100 hours isn’t enough to cover all of your studies.  Most people will need between 200-300 hours of hands-on practice time.  If you will need to primarily leverage rack rentals for all of you studies, I’d highly recommend considering the Platinum Bundle, which comes with 300 hours of rack rentals.

Who is the Gold Bundle best suited to?

DIY self-studiers looking for a more robust package of materials

DIY self-studiers with access to a modest home/lab rack of equipment

Products included in the GOLD bundle

Lab Video Series 1
Lab Video Series 2
Workbook Volume 1
Workbook Volume 2
Workbook Volume 3
800 Rack Rental tokens for 100 hours of study

CCIE Wireless 3.1 Gold Bundle: $1999

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