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Network Dojo is a wireless network certification focused company owned and run by Jeff Rensink and his wife Sabrina. Our goal is to not just provide individual training materials, but rather comprehensive training programs that take a holistic approach to helping people pass certification exams. We want to help push the network certification training industry to new levels of effectiveness. Network Dojo was created so that we could have the flexibility to potentially break the mold and try new things in order to bring people the best training possible.

Jeff Rensink, Founder

Jeff Rensink is a double CCIE #24834 (WiFi,  R&S) who has been training wireless CCIEs full time for over three years. Jeff spent a majority of his training career with iPexpert, where he helped nearly 100 people pass version 2 of the wireless lab. During that time, he became the authoritative name in CCIE wireless training. In fact, he has taught more wireless CCIEs over more years than any other active instructor in the industry. Jeff is committed to continuing to provide the best and most comprehensive training for Cisco wireless certification.

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