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CCIE Enterprise Wireless Classes

Network Dojo continues Jeff Rensink’s tradition of offering the world’s best CCIE Wireless classes.

Jeff has been teaching CCIE Wireless classes since 2013.  In that time, Jeff has taught more classes and helped more people pass the CCIE Wireless lab than any other active instructor.  Between our classes and self-study materials, Network Dojo offers a training portfolio second to none in the industry.

Our classes are meant to compliment our self-study products.  Spending 7 days in a class alone won’t be enough to take anyone from start to finish.  But classes can be a significant difference maker in terms of getting lab ready in less time than self-study alone.  Former students have often said that attending a class was a big contributor to passing the lab on their subsequent attempt.


Bootcamp Class

The CCIE Enterprise Wireless Bootcamp Class is a 7-day instructor-led course that is indented to get you ready to take and pass the CCIE lab exam.  This class is intended to be taken towards the end of your lab preparation and is designed to learn and practice skills that will improve your chances of lab success.  Over the 7 days, you will learn the skills needed for lab success and put them into practice during 2 full mock labs.

Price: $3999

Platinum Plus Bundle

While our class is an amazing way to get you ready to pass the lab, it is really the crown jewel that sits on top of a long process of hundreds of hours of studying.  If you want to set yourself up for success in the class, and subsequently the lab, you’ll need a robust self study package to add to the bootcamp class.  That’s why we created the Platinum Plus bundle.  This takes our entire self study program and adds the bootcamp class for the worlds best CCIE Enterprise Wireless lab preparation program available anywhere.  Plus you get a tremendous amount of savings when buying this bundle rather than purchasing the class separately.