CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0 Silver Bundle

The Silver Bundle for the CCIE wireless lab includes our foundational materials for lab preparations.  Both the Lab Video Series 1 and Workbook Volume 1 are made to work hand-in-hand to teach you how to configure and verify all of the technologies covered in the CCIE lab configuration section.  While these products alone won’t fully prepare you for the CCIE lab, they will lay a great foundation for you to learn the higher-level skills needed for lab success.

The Silver Bundle does not come with any rack rental time.  The assumption is that you will have a modest home/work lab to use to practice the Workbook Volume 1 exercises.  If you will need to rely on rack rentals for the majority of your studies, it will probably be more cost effective to look at some of the higher-level bundles, which include healthy amounts of rack rental tokens.

Who is the Silver Bundle best suited to?

People on a tight study budget and have access to their own gear

Engineers looking to build their skills, but not maybe interested in the CCIE at this time

Products included in the GOLD bundle

Lab Video Series 1
Workbook Volume 1

CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0 Silver Bundle: $999

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