Product Access and Update Policy

Product Access Policy

Access to products purchased from Network Dojo are licensed only to the person who purchased the product (or to whom the product was purchased for if the purchaser is not the end user).  Only the end user person is allowed to use their credentials to login to any Network Dojo website/system to access online content.  You are also not allowed to share any purchased downloadable content, or links to purchased downloadable content, with other people.  You are also not allowed to transfer ownership of any product.  Basically, the only way to legally gain access to any non-free content is to purchase it directly from Network Dojo.

Any customers found to have sold/shared their login credentials, download links, or downloaded product will have their account disabled and no refund will be given.  Depending on the situation, legal action may be taken if your actions substantially harmed Network Dojo.


Product Update Policy

Network Dojo is a certification training company.  Our products are primarily intended to help you pass exams and labs.  Our intention is to only make you buy our materials once and be covered until you pass your exam/lab (within reason).

General Product Update Policy

Unless otherwise specified, all products are covered by the following update policy.

When purchasing a product, the version of the product will be specified.  You will be granted access to the product for 3 years through our members area.  During those 3 years, you will also be entitled to free updates to the materials.  This is limited to a maximum of 2 exam version changes (major or minor).  Based on historical update timings, we anticipate that almost everyone will have their 3 year timer expire before a 3rd update would be possible.

If you buy individual products, you will get the comparable new version of the product.  If you buy a bundle, you will get the updated bundle fo the same type (ie. Gold to Gold, Platinum to Platinum, etc).  We will try to keep the bundles similar between versions so that you don’t go backwards in products due to an update.

Once the 3 year timer expires, access will be removed from the members area for the associated content with the exception of rack tokens.  Rack tokens have no expiration to them.  Products that the customers downloads can be kept forever.  This would include things like workbook PDFs, companion files, and downloaded videos.  They just won’t be accessible to re-download in your members area after the expiration date.

As new versions of materials are released for updated versions of the exams, we will keep 1 previous version of the materials available in the members area for archival purposes.  If you purchase a bundle that includes materials that are not yet fully completed, you will gain access to the previous version of those unfinished materials to begin with until such time that the purchased materials are done.  After that point, the older version of the materials will be removed from the members area.

Some product may not support archival access.  You can count on videos and workbooks being available.  But other products like the LMS or quizzers may not.  If we don’t have a reasonable method for granting archival access to some of these other products, they will only be accessible during the version that you purchased and the following version(s) included in your free updates.  They will not show up in the archives.

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.  It would probably only be in response to Cisco changing their versioning process for their exams/labs.  It will always be our goal to give you access to current materials for a reasonably long enough period of time to allow you to prepare for and pass an exam/lab with some buffer thrown in for good measure.

Mentoring Product Update Policy

Access to the live mentoring meetings will be available for the same period of your access to updated materials (3 years or through 2 exam changes, whichever comes first).  After that, it will expire.