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CCIE Enterprise Wireless Workbooks

Our CCIE Enterprise Wireless Workbooks offer the most comprehensive guided hands-on practice for the CCIE wireless lab that you’ll find anywhere!

Each workbook is built for a specific purpose, and for a specific point in your progression of preparing for the lab.  All of our CCIE Enterprise Wireless Workbooks also have a corresponding Lab Video Series that teaches the knowledge needed to tackle that labs that they contain.  Together, they help you build a strong foundation, and then expand upon that with higher-level knowledge and skills to help to fully prepare you for the CCIE Enterprise Wireless lab.


Workbook Volume 1

Workbook Volume 1 helps you build your foundation by guiding you through over 100 individual labs that focus on a single technology at a time.  This helps you to limit your learning to bite-sized chunks that are much easier to digest than throwing a lot at you at once.  This workbook uses the Lab Video Series 1 as its companion to teach you the skills needed to complete the labs.  This workbook can be fully completed on our racks, or you could use a decent home lab to practice the majority of the labs on your own gear.

Of all of our CCIE Enterprise Wireless Workbooks, this is the biggest and probably the most important.  You’ll often find yourself coming back to the labs to practice weak areas.  Repetition of labs that cover unfamiliar topics is an excellent way to help lock in your understanding.

Price: $699

Workbook Volume 2

Workbook Volume 2 builds upon the foundation established in volume 1 and helps you to develop the critical skills of troubleshooting the config section of the lab.  The troubleshooting labs focus on a single high-level section at a time in order to allow you to target your practice to reasonable scopes.  Mastering the skills needed to complete this workbook will drastically improve how fast you can complete the lab.  It can mean the difference between running out of time and having over an hour left at the end to re-verify every task.

This workbook uses the Lab Video Series 2 as its companion to teach you troubleshooting methods for each technology.  This workbook should be primarily used with our racks due to the frequent initial server configurations contributing to the troubleshooting exercises.  Trying to use this workbook on a home lab would cause the labs to lose some of their effectiveness.

Price: $399

Workbook Volume 3

Workbook Volume 3 is the final workbook in our series.  It contains full-scale 5 mock labs meant to replicate the actual lab in format, scope (the amount of work to do), and difficulty.  These labs help you to build the final skills needed for lab success not addressed in the previous workbooks.  By building these skills, you can more intelligently and efficiently make your way through the lab.  These labs also help you to gauge your level of readiness for the actual lab and point out weakness to work on to help you become fully prepared for the lab.

This workbook uses the Lab Video Series 2 as its companion to teach you the skills needed to approach the full-scale labs.  This workbook should be primarily used with our racks due to the initial server configurations used in many of the labs and large expense of replicating our entire topology.

Price: $499