CCIE Wireless Products

Our CCIE wireless products have been created to work as a part of a cohesive training system.  In order to take full advantage of that system, you will want to have all of the products at your disposal (which you can do with our Platinum Bundle).  Below is a list of our current and future products for the CCIE Wireless track.  They can be purchased individually or as a part of a training bundle.

Volume 1

This is the first workbook that you will use and it includes labs that cover each technology in the lab on an individual basis.  The goal is to learn how to configure each technology in isolation as a foundation to later phases in your studies.

Volume 2

This workbook builds on the skills learned in the volume 1 and includes troubleshooting labs and practice for the diagnostic portion of the lab.

Volume 3

The final workbook is the culmination of the previous workbooks and includes full scale mock labs to hone your test taking skills and helps you to determine if you are ready to tackle the real thing.

Lab Series 1

The first lab series is a companion to workbook volume 1 and it covers each technology in the lab individually.  As each technology is covered, I will discuss background information as well as how they are configured.  I will then demonstrate the configuration and verification of each technology.

Lab Series 2

The second lab series is a companion to workbook volumes 2-3 and it covers higher-level topics such as troubleshooting, handling the diagnostic section, and the skills needed to tackle the full 8 hour lab.

Written Series

This series helps to prepare you to take the written exam.  While there is a lot of overlap between the written and lab exams, the written exam requires a different knowledge set.  This series focuses on learning those details.

This is a fairly unique offering in our list of CCIE wireless products where you will be able to meet with me live in a group setting, multiple times per week.  These mentoring sessions will be a time where you can get your questions answered live.  These can be technical questions, general questions, or even asking for help with a configuration.  As long as it’s related to the CCIE exams, it’s fair game.  I’ll also be providing training sessions and keeping you to date on the latest exam news during this time..

Why fly solo during your studies?  With mentorship, I will be along side you for all of it (regardless of how long you take).  So I can help to impact your journey the entire time.

But Wait, There’s More!

Rack Rentals

I know that not everyone will be able to replicate the lab locally.  I will be providing rack rentals to support all of my workbooks and to allow everyone the chance to practice on expensive equipment like the 3650 IOS-XE switches, 5508 WLCs, 3700 and 1800 series APs, and all of the servers in the blueprint.


Community Server

We have a Ryver community server that brings together all of our Platinum Bundle owners.  It’s like an instant study group of dozens of other people also preparing for their CCIE wireless lab.  We also use this server to keep everyone abreast of the lated CCIE and Network Dojo information.

Lab Delivery Interface

The Lab Delivery Interface will attempt to replicate the look and functionality of the actual lab interface.  One of the struggles of the first-time test taker is the learning curve of navigating the lab interface.  By practicing on a replica ahead of time, your efficiency will increase and you will have more time to spend actually getting points.


The Learning Management System (LMS) will help to guide you through the process of preparing for the CCIE lab.  This helps to let you know how to use all of the materials together and how to study for the lab in an efficient way.  Lessons will be laid out in bite-sized chunks and it will lead you step by step through the process.