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CCIE Wireless Videos

Our CCIE Wireless Videos offer the most comprehensive teaching for the CCIE wireless lab and written exams that you can find!

Not only do our lab videos teach the basics of what the technologies do, how to configure them, and how to verify them.  They also teach more advanced skills like troubleshooting and how to handle the diagnostic section, and the skills needed to approach the lab itself.  We also have a Written Exam video series that teaches the knowledge set needed to pass the written exam, which is a different beast than the lab exam.

Each video series is built for a specific purpose, and for a specific point in your progression of achieving your CCIE.  All of our CCIE Wireless Videos for the lab also have one or two corresponding CCIE Wireless Workbooks that allow you to practice the technologies and skills taught be the videos.  Together, they help you build a strong foundation, and then expand upon that with higher-level knowledge and skills to help to fully prepare you for the CCIE wireless lab.

Video Products

Lab Video Series 1

Lab Video Series 1 helps you build your foundation by guiding you through over 200 individual videos that focus on a single technology at a time.  This helps you to limit your learning to bite-sized chunks that are much easier to digest than throwing a lot at you at once.  Teaching is done through a combination of lecture with slides and white-boarding, and lots of configuration and verification demonstrations in the CLI and the GUI.  This video series uses Workbook Volume 1 as its companion to allow you to practice the technologies taught by the video series.

Of all of our CCIE Wireless Videos, this is the biggest and probably the most important.  You’ll often find yourself coming back to these videos to reinforce your knowledge and pick up on details that you have missed originally or forgotten along the way.

Price: $699

Lab Video Series 2

Lab Video Series 2 builds upon the foundation established in series 1 takes you the rest of the way to being lab ready from a teaching perspective.  One you understand the technologies and how to configure them, you’re ready to go through the troubleshooting teaching included in this video series.  You’ll learn my basic troubleshooting methodology as well as how to specifically approach troubleshooting all of the technologies that are most likely to need troubleshooting in the lab.  You’ll then learn how to apply that troubleshooting knowledge to the diagnostic section of the lab.  Finally, you’ll learn the skills, tips, and tricks for working your way through the configuration portion of the actual lab.

This video series uses Workbook Volume 2  and Workbook Volume 3 as its companion to allow you to practice the skills taught by the video series.  This series significantly compliments Lab Video Series 1 and completes the teaching needed to be fully prepared to tackle the actual lab.

Price: $399

Written Exam Video Series

Our suite of CCIE Wireless Videos also contains a series just for the written exam.  While there is a tremendous amount of overlap in the blueprints of the written and lab exams, they rely in different knowledge sets.  The written exam is all about being able to answer primarily multiple choice questions, which requires you to learn a lot of details and factual information.  Often these details and facts go beyond what you need to concern yourself with in the lab.  There are also many people looking to solely study for the written exam in order to renew their existing CCIE certifications.  All of this drives the need to create a separate video series from the lab videos.

The CCIE Written Video Series can be used in a stand-alone fashion, or as a compliment to your lab studies.  It takes you through all 8 sections of the v3.1 written exam.  It also comes with access to written exam quizzers to help assess your learning and to help gauge if you are ready to sit for the actual exam.

Price: $299