Welcome to the new Network Dojo bi-weekly newsletter.

Newsletter Hiatus has Ended; Data Center Upgraded

I apologize for the long absence of our weekly newsletter. We have been very busy here at the Dojo upgrading and expanding the data center. We needed to increase the space to accommodate more racks to support classes and potential future CCNA and CCNP studies. We also added extra power and dedicated climate control. Our studio and data center have a more robust HVAC system than our entire house. It was an extensive and necessary upgrade and we’re glad it is now completed.

I will now return to a regular output of the newsletter, but it will now be sent out every 2 weeks instead of weekly.


June Classes Guaranteed to Run

The in-person Bootcamp Class June 5-9 and the Mock Lab and Troubleshooting Class June 12-16
are now guaranteed to run. The hotel is very close to the international airport with shuttle service, as well as close to many dining and entertainment options. There are still seats available in the class, this will be a great opportunity to have unrestricted access to Jeff for 5 to 10 days straight. Jeff thoroughly enjoys classes in-person to interact and get to know his students. This will be our first class through Network Dojo and we’re excited to offer this option for those who are interested. For more information on our class offering in general, you can visit the CCIE Wireless Classes webpage on our site.


Countdown to Cisco Live

Cisco Live is coming soon and we’ll be there. Are you going? We would love to meet all of you! Maybe we’ll see you at the Bruno Mars concert. We are putting together a few ideas with more details to follow.