Ryver Server Now Available

We are excited to announce that the Ryver Server went live on Wednesday. This server is one of our solutions to help create a community amongst our students that are actively working toward their CCIE Wireless certification. It’s a place where people can come to chat, ask questions, form study groups, and encourage one another.

This is an exclusive benefit for our Platinum Bundle customers.  If you are a Platinum Bundle customer and you didn’t see the invite email, send an email to jeff@networkdojo.com and ask for it to be re-sent.  We look forward to to seeing you on the server!

New YouTube Videos

Network Dojo has released 2 new YouTube videos covering the v3.1 update to the wireless lab.

The first is a video covering information about the v3.1 update.  It talks about the important details and also gives some recommendations for people who are maybe trying to decide if they should be continuing to focus on v3.0 or move to start working towards v3.1.

The 2nd video covers building a home lab for v3.1.  In this video, we discuss some of the pros/cons for building a home lab vs. renting rack time.  We also give our recommendations for what gear to buy along with examples of where to invest your dollars for different budgets.

We do intend to get more active in releasing new videos on YouTube.  So be sure to subscribe while you watch these videos.

Lab Delivery Interface

Work should be starting shortly on our Lab Delivery Interface product.  Initial planning for the project is complete, and our developers should be able to get coding started soon.  This product will replicate the interface used for both the Diagnostic and Configuration sections of the lab.  It will allow you to get comfortable working with the interface, which should translate into being more efficient when you take the lab.  This should be especially true for first-time test takers.  The fewer things that are new to you when you take the lab, the better.

You can expect that this will be made available for all mock labs in Workbook 3, the diagnostic labs of Workbook 2, and our Mock Lab and Troubleshooting class.  This product is another exclusive for our Platinum Bundle owners and will be usable only on Network Dojo racks.