Wireless Lab v3.1 Material Progress Update

Work is now in full swing for updating materials for v3.1 of the wireless lab exam.  Our first products being updated are Workbook Vol 1 and the Lab Video Series 1.  We are updating these products in parallel, since they are meant to be used in conjunction with each other.

Our current plan is to release the updates to the workbook in 2 chunks.  This will allow you to get access to new materials sooner, but also keep the work load of distributing the materials to a reasonable level for us.  The first release will include the Network Infrastructure, Autonomous APs, and Unified Wireless sections.

Videos will be published on the website 1-2 sections at a time as they get finalized.  To begin with, they will just be streaming.  But when the first 3 sections are done, we’ll open up downloads for those of our Platinum Bundle owners.  Then we’ll open up downloads for the last 3 sections once everything is done.

Just a reminder, any current owners of these products will be getting these updated materials for free as a part of our update policy.

New YouTube Videos

Network Dojo will be releasing a series of YouTube videos over the coming weeks in a series we are calling “Making the Jump from CCIE Wireless v3.0 to v3.1 Studies.”  You can expect the first video to be published by tomorrow.

These videos are intended to help people who have already invested time in v3.0 studies learn about what to focus on when making the transition to v3.1 studies.  We’ll run down the changes between the versions and let you know what will stay the same, what’s brand new, and what technologies have something new to them that needs to be learned.

If you have already invested time in v3.0 studies, and are looking at pursuing the v3.1 version, this series is for you.  For our Platinum Bundle owners, I’ll be creating a similar series of materials, but with more detail and specific references to our products to help them even more.

Increase to the Number of Lab Seats Each Week

I just noticed some good news that I wanted to share (in case you don’t follow us on Twitter).  The number of CCIE Wireless lab seats per week in many locations has been increased.  For instance, RTP has moved to 3 days/week, San Jose has moved to 5 days/week, and Brussels has also moved to 5 days/week.

This should definitely help those people looking to squeeze in 1 more v3.0 attempt before the new version arrives.  It will also be nice in general when v3.1 is here.  I’m glad to see that Cisco is making improvements to the track.