Once in a Version Sale!

Are you planning on tackling version 3.1 of the CCIE Wireless lab? For a limited time only, we will be offering a discount of $500 off our Platinum Bundle (https://networkdojo.com/ccie-wireless-products/ccie-wireless-bundles/platinum-bundle/) , which represents our full self-study program for the CCIE Wireless Lab. We are offering the reduced price until v3.1 of the exam goes live on November 8, 2017 as a “Thank you!” to those people who choose to support us as we work on getting the v3.1 materials released. This $500 savings also applies to any class bundles that include the Platinum Bundle.

Already own the Silver or Gold Bundles?

All existing customers will get a credit of their current bundle towards upgrading to a Platinum Bundle. For example, if you are a Gold Bundle owner, you purchased your Gold Bundle for $1999. You can now upgrade to the Platinum Bundle for only $1,000 and get access to all of our materials, 200 more rack rental hours, access to Lab Mentoring, etc.

Already Own the Platinum Bundle?

We have an offer for you as well. For current Platinum Bundle owners, you may take $500 off the purchase of our classes (https://networkdojo.com/ccie-wireless-products/ccie-wireless-classes/) or class bundles. So 1 week of class would be $1,499 and 2 weeks would be $2,499. That’s a tremendous value for CCIE classroom training from the world’s most successful CCIE Wireless instructor!

Act now! You won’t see another sale until the next lab version comes.

If you have followed our history, you’ll know that we don’t run occasional sales. The only time that we’ve discounted our products is when we are in the process of creating them. We are continuing that tradition now and expect to continue this into the future. So we don’t expect to see another sale until the next wireless lab version comes around.

The good news this time is that people waiting for the new materials will get access to current materials right away. So that will give you something to dig into while the new ones are being developed.



v3.1 Development Timeline

If you’re wondering what the development timeline will be, here is the current estimates for everything.

  • Workbook Vol 1- October/November 2017
  • Lab Video Series 1- October/November 2017
  • Rack Rentals- November 2017
  • Written Exam Videos and Quizzers- December 2017
  • Workbook Vol 2- December 2017
  • Lab Video Series 2- January 2018
  • Lab Delivery Interface- January 2018
  • Workbook Vol 3- February 2018
  • Learning Management System- February 2018