Update on Automated Rack Rentals

We have made progress on our Rack Rental system, but we’re not quite there yet. And being that our developers are in India and we’re coming up on Diwali, there will another delay as they take time to celebrate the holiday. We will update our site when we have a better estimate of the launch.

Recording for Lab Video Series 2 Began

Jeff headed back into the recording studio this week to begin recording Lab Video Series 2. We’ll be recording and editing around the clock to get this series out as quickly as possible to everyone.

The CCIE Wireless Lab Video Series 2 builds on the foundation laid in series and covers many of the mid-to-upper tier skills needed for lab success. A companion to workbooks 2-3, this video series covers troubleshooting, the diagnostics section, and the myriad of skills used to work your way through a full-scale lab.

The troubleshooting videos represent the largest section of this series. These videos focus one technology at a time, teaching the different ways that things can go wrong and how to find the issues. These skills are critically important to being able to complete the lab in the allotted time.

Keep an eye on our website for an update of an estimated launch date.

Feature Update for Platinum Bundle Owners

We are happy to announce that our Platinum Bundle owners will now have access to all lab mentoring sessions. The lab mentoring archive now includes links to download all past mentoring sessions.