Cisco Certification Program Update

I’m guessing most of you have heard the news by now. But Cisco announced an update to their entire certification program from CCNA to CCIE about 2 weeks ago at Cisco Live. Just about all existing certifications are being impacted by this, including the CCIE Wireless certification. Beginning February 24, 2020 it will be re-branded as the CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification and go back the v1.0 version number.

Cisco has a bunch of great info on their website. But we created a YouTube video talking about the program change, which you can view today. This video covers the entire program change at a general level. We will have more detailed videos coming out later this week that will dig into the CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification, help people figure out if they should go for the current CCIE wireless version or wait for the new one, and how recertification works under the new program. Be on the lookout for those!

New Product Development

Work and planning are already underway on creating materials for the upcoming CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification. We’ve already ordered new gear to test out, which will help us to figure out what the new racks will look like. Once we have those locked in, development can begin on the first videos and workbook.

More information will come out as it becomes available. But here are the important initial details.

  • We definitely are updating our entire training material portfolio to support the upcoming CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification.
  • There should be plenty of materials released by the time the new version goes live.
  • Existing customers are covered by our product update policy and will receive free updates for the new materials.
    • This will be considered a major version upgrade (as if it was Wireless v4.0), even though it’s technically a different certification.

We will keep you updated through these newsletters as well as through Twitter/Facebook and on our website.