What’s in store for the first quarter of 2019?

  • New rack rental server will go live giving better reliability and some added enhancements such as being able to schedule sessions on a per-hour basis rather than every 2 hours and the ability to extend an active session if there is availability on the rack.
  • A redesigned website will launch, bringing a more professional look to things and a better organized members area
  • The Learning Management System will debut, giving students a guide to follow for how to use the materials and how to build a good study plan for their needs
  • Online classes will run on the weeks of January 14th and 21st and in-person classes will run on the weeks of February 25 and March 4. We are down to just one open spot left for the March 4 class. So be sure to jump on that if you have any interest.


30 Total Network Dojo Students Pass Lab in 2018

Let’s give a shoutout to everyone who passed their lab in 2018 (30 total). We are so proud of all of their hard work. We here at Network Dojo are so very lucky to have such dedicated students! I don’t know if you understand how rare this is, you won’t find a list of wireless CCIE success stories like this anywhere else!

Nick Bedford #58539
Ehsan Yassir #58693
Chris O’Donnell #58893
Ric Beeching #59088
Chris Radford #59150
Fredy Riner #59304
Yosef Graziano #59403
Jonas Pfeiffer #59414
Harald Raich #59424
Theo Sakoulias #59444
Craig Karagus #59460
Mark Sanetrik #59472
Lubos Zelinsky #59622
Kian Arbabi Fard #59733
Steffen Christiansen #59734
Randall Greer #42829 (3rd CCIE)
Ahmed Harras #21121 (6th CCIE)
Tomislav Bagaric #59996
Holger Struckmann #60154
Diego Huertas #60171
Varun Nekkalapudi #60223
Jon Elliott #60231
Sean Sivak #60244
Wellington Assis #60252
Alejandro Javier Foti #60350
Bryan Totten #60483
David Horan #60500
Pauli Riikonen #60613
Aref Nader #60881
Kalyan Sannedhi #60966

Let’s all congratulate these Network Warriors on this great accomplishment!!