Quarter 1 Project Updates

The rack server upgrade project is progressing well. We are coming to the end of initial testing to get all features working and debugged in a test environment. By the end of the month, we should be able to start testing on live racks. After that, we’ll be looking to have students put things through their paces and get feedback before completely cutting over. Existing customers can expect to see a message asking for beta testers when we get close to that phase.

The website update project is just about ready to go live. Expect to see the website get a facelift over the course of the coming week. We will start with the non-member public pages first, and then move through updating the members area page and the dozens of sub-pages. In addition to the prettier pages, the members area will also be better organized when listing purchased products.

A treat for the eyes, and the ears!

We teased it on our social media. So why not expand on that now… Coming in a month or two, Network Dojo will be starting a podcast focused primarily on Cisco certifications and the surrounding training industry. While there will definitely be wireless focused sessions, most episodes will apply to any and all tracks. We hope you’ll listen along when the time comes. Expect to hear more about this as our launch date nears.

Also, we have something coming soon for the people who just can’t enough of Jeff’s beautiful mug. Starting early in February, we’ll be coming out with weekly content on our YouTube channel. Most of the videos will be focusing on information, tips, and skills related to the CCIE Wireless exams. But we’ll also delve into related topics as well. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the notification bell to get notified when new videos are released.