Congratulations to all who have passed the CCIE Wireless Lab so far!

It’s been a while, and we apologize for that. But the newsletter is back in circulation, and we wanted to start off by celebrating all of the people who have passed the v3.1 version of the CCIE Wireless Lab. These people have all put in a ton of work and persevered through multiple attempts at the lab to achieve something amazing. It’s been fun to see their successes. It’s also been encouraging having so many people pass in the first 7 months of the version. If you followed things during v3.0, we didn’t really see people passing until about 18 months in.

Here is the list of rock stars who have passed the lab under v3.1.

  • Nick Bedford #58539
  • Ehsan Yassir #58693
  • Chris O’Donnell #58893
  • Ric Beeching #59088
  • Chris Radford #59150
  • Fredy Riner #59304
  • Yosef Graziano #59403
  • Jonas Pfeiffer #59414
  • Harald Raich #59424
  • Theo Sakoulias #59444
  • Craig Karagus #59460
  • Mark Sanetrik #59472

v3.1 Product Updates

Here is the list of products that have been fully updated for v3.1 of the exam.

  • Lab Video Series 1
  • Written Video Series with Quizzers
  • Workbook Vol 1
  • Workbook Vol 2
  • Rack Rentals
  • Bootcamp Class
  • Mock Lab and Troubleshooting Class

We have 2 more major products left to update.

  • Workbook Vol 3- est. release July 9
  • Lab Video Series 2- est. release July 31