Class Terms and Conditions

Scheduling Classes

Classes can be scheduled any time after purchasing.  If you purchase access to multiple classes, they do not have to be attended sequentially.  For instance, you could attend a bootcamp class in April and a mock lab class in July if desired.  The decision about wether a class will be run on a particular date will be made by Network Dojo 2 weeks prior to the first day of the class.  If not enough students are enrolled for a particular class, it will be cancelled and you will be allowed to choose to attend on a different date.  Students taking their class for the first time are guaranteed individual access to a rack for the entirety of the class.

Cancelling and Rescheduling Classes

Once a student has scheduled a class, they are able to cancel up to 1 month prior to the first day of class for On-Site classes and 2 weeks prior to the first day of class for an Online class.  After that, they are locked in to taking the class and they won’t be able to reschedule.  Each student is allowed to initiate up to 2 cancellations.  After that, they will not be able to cancel their class.  If Network Dojo has to cancel a class, that will NOT count against the number of cancellations that a student has initiated.

For example, they may originally schedule for March, then reschedule for June (first reschedule), and then reschedule for August (2nd reschedule).  The student then must attend August or forfeit their purchase.  It should be extremely unlikely that someone would legitimately need to reschedule more than twice.

Retaking a Class

Students are able to retake a class under the following restrictions.

  • Only 1 retake is allowed for a given class
  • Students cannot retake a class until they have attempted the lab exam after sitting for their original class attempt (ie. you take a class in June, attempt the lab in August, then you can retake the class after that)
  • Students can cancel their class retake at any time, without limits on the number of cancellations
  • Students can only retake a class under the same major version that they originally attended.  For instance, if your original class was for v3.x of a lab exam, the retake MUST be for another v3.x version of the class.
  • If a class comes with additional rack tokens, retaking the class will NOT grant additional tokens.  Those are only granted when sitting for the class the first time.

When retaking a class, students are NOT guaranteed to have a rack available to them.  First-time students have priority access to the racks.  If there are any racks left over, they will be made available to students retaking the class (prioritized by who scheduled the retake earliest).  For this reason, cancellations for retakes are allowed at any time, as we cannot guarantee access to a rack until the first day of class (first-time students can sign up the day before a class starts if desired).  You may want to limit yourself to using online classes for retakes if you want to avoid the possibility of traveling for a class where you might not have access to a rack.  You are still welcome to retake a class without access to a rack if desired to benefit from the lecture portions and allow you to ask questions and interact with the instructor.