Last week, we made our Network Dojo Ryver server live and invited all of our Platinum Bundle owners to join.  For those of you not familiar with Ryver, it is a team communication server that allows for text-based chats and threaded conversations as well as integrations for voice/video chats.

This server was introduced primarily as a result of our customer lunch at Cisco Live where we started to realize the benefit of getting our students together.  The Ryver server should help to achieve the following goals.

  • Help us to build a community of CCIE studiers
  • Give students the opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other, get questions answered, etc.
  • Allow students to form study groups
  • Provide encouragement and motivation
  • Be a place where we can get notifications out to the group in a timely fashion

The Ryver server is an exclusive benefit for our Platinum Bundle owners.  Invites have already gone out to all of these people.  But if you didn’t see it, you can send an email to and request another invite email to be sent.