CCIE Wireless v3.1 Workbook Volume 3

The CCIE Wireless Workbook Volume 3 is the final workbook in our series.  It uses full-scale mock labs as a way to both practice taking the lab, as well as to gauge your readiness to handle the real thing.  This will be used in the final stages of your lab preparations since it builds on the skills learned in workbooks 1-2 as well as all of the other CCIE materials provided by Network Dojo.  The workbook will contain 5 full-scale mock labs, each meant to replicate the lab in terms of format, scope, and difficulty.

Each mock lab contains both a diagnostic and a configuration section, just like the real lab.   For every lab, you will have the diagnostic/configuration portion for you to complete, a solutions guide showing you the configurations needed as well as a description as to how to interpret the tasks, and a verification guide to help with self-grading if desired.

Note– While initial device configurations will be provided for use in a home lab, these mock labs will have a level of pre-configuration of the server VMs that will be hard to replicate at home.  It is highly encouraged to use our rack rentals to do these labs if you want to treat them as true mock labs.

Price: $499

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Lab Video Series 1 also available in the following bundles:
Gold Lab Bundle $1999
Platinum Lab Bundle $3499

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