CCIE Wireless v3.1 Workbook Volume 2

The CCIE Wireless Workbook Volume 2 focuses on developing your verification and troubleshooting skills for the lab.  This is the next step in your development after you have a solid understanding of configuring the technologies from scratch.  Troubleshooting skills are critical to success in the lab.  A lack of competency here will make it difficult to to either earn enough points, or have enough time to pass.  This workbook will help you to tackle troubleshooting that appears in the configuration section of the lab.

The labs included in this workbook focus on hands-on troubleshooting of the technologies.  Each troubleshooting lab will focus on a number of technologies contained within a single high-level blueprint section (ie. Autonomous APs, Identity Management, etc).  Most high-level blueprint section will have multiple labs that focus on them.

Note– While initial device configurations will be provided with the workbook, there will be detailed pre-configurations on server VMs that will be important to approximately 30% of the troubleshooting labs.  Many of the other labs will leverage some basic ISE server configurations as well.  It’s hard to replicate these server configurations in a home lab and I have no good way of giving you the initial server configurations without the subsequent issues being painfully obvious.  Also, the process of copying/pasting initial configs onto your hardware devices can bring focus onto the problem configs.  So we highly encourage you to do the troubleshooting labs on our rack rentals.

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