CCIE Wireless v3.1 Workbook Volume 1

The CCIE Wireless Workbook Volume 1 is the foundational workbook for CCIE wireless lab studies. It will include an estimated 110+ individual labs that allow you to practice topics and technologies one at a time. Best used as a companion to the CCIE Wireless Lab Video Series 1, it helps to ensure that you are comfortable configuring and verifying each technology in isolation. This helps the early learning process by keeping things simple and sets you up to handle higher-level learning topics addressed by our other products.

Most of these labs are modular and can often be done either in succession, or loaded from scratch. This helps to support shorter study sessions as well as the ability to jump right into your desired lab in most cases. Included with the CCIE Wireless Workbook Volume 1 are the initial configurations for all switches, controllers, and APs if you would like to use your own wireless gear for study. But some labs do utilize pre-configured server VMs that may take some work to try and replicate at home. So you will get the best experience using our rack rentals with this workbook.

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