CCIE Wireless v3.1 Written Bundle

The CCIE Wireless Written Video Series leads you through the important information needed to tackle the written exam that unlocks the ability to take the lab.  While there is a lot of overlap in terms of the blueprint between the written and lab exams, they are fundamentally different tests.  The written exam covers a lot of factual knowledge that isn’t always worth having to learn for the lab.  That’s why we created a separate series dedicated to studying for the written exam.  Not only does it compliment our lab video series, it also gives a focused product to those who may just be taking the written exam to renew their existing CCIE certification(s).

The CCIE written video series includes to all 8 sections of the v3.1 blueprint.  Spanning over 29 hours of video, you should learn all that you will need to know to confidently pass the exam.  The first 7 sections of the blueprint are addressed in detail with all of the information that you should need.  The Evolving Technologies section (section 8) is handled a bit differently.  We give a brief overview of the section and direct you to some excellent (and freely available) resources directly from Cisco that covers the needed information.  All videos are accessed via streaming online.

In addition to the video series, we are also including access to our CCIE Wireless Written Quizzers to help gauge your learning and readiness for the written exam.  The quizzers will include a estimated 200+ unique questions that mimmic the different types of questions seen in the actual exam.  All quizzers are written by Jeff Rensink (CCIE #24834 WiFi and R&S) personally and guaranteed to be brain-dump free.

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