CCIE Wireless v3.1 Lab Video Series 2

The CCIE Wireless Lab Video Series 2 builds on the foundation laid in Video Series 1and covers many of the mid-to-upper tier skills needed for lab success.  A companion to workbooks 2-3, this video series covers troubleshooting, the diagnostics section, and the myriad of skills used to work your way through a full-scale lab.

The troubleshooting videos represent the largest section of this series.  These videos focus one technology at a time, teaching the different ways that things can go wrong and how to find the issues.  These skills are critically important to being able to complete the lab in the allotted time.

The other sections of the video series cover important topics such as the skills needed to have success in the lab, how to handle the diagnostic section, and taking the lab.  The videos that talk about taking the lab cover you from start (determining if you are lab ready) to finish (what to do after the lab is done), and give you tips and recommendations for each aspect of the process.

This series includes streaming access to 81 videos totaling just over 20 hours of instruction.  Purchasing the video series grants access to stream the videos online.

All videos are taught by Jeff Rensink, CCIE #24834 (WiFi and R&S).

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Lab Video Series 2 also available in the following bundles:
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