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CCIE Wireless Class Bundles

We have created some bundles to help you to save some money when purchasing classes.  You’ll get the best results when attending both classes, as well as combining our classes with our self study materials.  Our bundles are intended to make those synergies more cost efficient.

Special Note– We will be changing classes for the new version of the CCIE Wireless lab being released on Feb 24, 2020.  After that date, we will only be offering a single 7-day class type.  So if you would like to purchase any class bundles on this page, please make it your plan to attend the class(es) in 2019.

Class Bundles

2 Class Bundle

If one class is good, both would be better, right?  Both our Bootcamp and Mock Lab/Troubleshooting classes are designed to accomplish specific goals.  Students who attend both do typically achieve the best results.  If you would like to purchase both classes, you can save $1000 over buying them separately.  That reduces your cost per day to $500.  You would be hard pressed to find a better deal in the Cisco training space for live training.

Price: $4999

Platinum Bundle + 1 Class

Self-study is the foundation that classes should build upon.  We highly encourage you to use our self-study products in addition to attending our classes.  To help bring this into your budget, we are offering $1000 off of purchasing the platinum bundle and 1 class separately.

Platinum Bundle + Bootcamp Class: $5499

Platinum Bundle + Mock Lab & Troubleshooting Class: $5499

Platinum Bundle + Both Classes

If you are looking for everything that we have to offer, this is it.  We saved our best deal for the biggest package.  Buy our platinum bundle and both of our classes and save $2000 over buying the 2-class bundle and the platinum bundle separately.  This is a tremendous amount of training for the money.

Platinum Bundle + Both Classes: $6499